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Innovation competition

The contest of application devoted to human assistance living has been announced by STMicroelectronics in the context of Autonomie project March, 15th, 2011. You may subscribe

In France and developped countries, 10% of the population suffers from a handicap and it is largely recognized that the populations of these countries are aging. Assisting persons is becoming an important issue for society and is going to require ever increasing resources. High technology can contribute directly and indirectly to the improvement of daily life for persons in situations of difficulty by improving the work efficiency of those who assist the handicapped and aged.

For this reason, Raisonance and the consortium of the Autonomie project propose an application development contest on the theme of Human Assistance applications and based on a platform implementing components from STMicroelectronics (gyroscope, accelerometer, magnetometer, microprocessor, audio, video, ...) that are adapted to this end.

This application design contest is a gamble - a gamble based on the conviction that technology can contribute to the improvement of daily life of persons in difficulty. It is also call to action to remind us of the issue of human assistance. This contest rewards the technical quality of the proposed applications but also, and with equal importance, their value and utility.